About us

After living in Barcelona for years, where we had moved to pursue our careers in architecture, we finally decided we wanted to invest more of ourselves in doing something that was deeply related to the land.  We arrived at our current home in Bonastre (Baix Penedés) to make this a reality.  Both my grandparents and my wife's were country people and the two of us share a profound love of the land.


I come from a small village in the Italian Alps. I grew up there, surrounded by astoundingly amazing food and I became spoiled by this.  Back in the nineties, trying to buy organic food in Barcelona was extremely expensive and one would often end up spending seven times the price for these quality ingredients.  So, we set off on an adventure with the idea of producing our own food.

It took us almost a year of searching all along the Catalan coasts - from l'Emporda through to the Delta de l'Ebre - before we found a beautiful piece of land in Bonastre, with equal amounts of potential and necessary work.


Even if we will never be able to compete with mass produced competitors, our pricing policy has always been to remain affordable for most budgets. We do not believe in standard commercial tactics in order to unnecessarily overprice our products.  Honestly, we would rather double our efforts and production if that were needed in order to make a living.


The success of our wines has been so great in the last few years that we find ourselves needing a bigger space. Luckily there is an available warehouse - belonging to one of our neighbours - literally across the road from us. In order to accomplish this vision, we have decided to offer our clients and friends the possibility of getting involved to make this a reality.

We thought that the best way to fund this operation would be by proposing an exchange to our public in which they will be able to purchase a line of special wines directly from us, and thereby help us fund this project.  This community-based method aligns closely with the values by which we have always worked.


We hope that you find this opportunity interesting and that you have the possibility to participate in Partida Creus Extra.  Not only will you receive wines that are full of the energy of this marvelous land, but also, given how important this is to us, you can count on even more care and effort on our part.  

Whether you can participate or not, Antonella and I are appreciative for the interest that has brought you to us.

To your health!

Massimo and Antonella